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Precast Production Process

  1. Miller-Mize Precast, Inc. (MMPI) submits a bid on a Customer job through a written MMPI Quotation

  2. Customer agrees on job scope and price provided by the written MMPI Quotation (Critical Milestone)

  3. Customer awards MMPI with precast job by signing the MMPI Quotation

  4. Customer sends MMPI purchase order (PO)

  5. MMPI sends color samples for Customer approval and precast production process flow to help set process and timeline expectations
  6. MMPI reviews and signs Customer PO
    • If there are changes required, iterate until accepted

  7. Send Architectural and Structural drawings to Detailing & Engineering (D&E) to produce shop drawings.
    • The shop drawing process takes approximately 3 weeks based on current workload and project complexity.

  8. Customer provides feedback on color in the form of approval or supply MMPI with color samples to match

  9. Shop drawings (and structural calculations if required) are completed by D&E and 5 copies are submitted by MMPI to Customer for signed approval.

  10. Customer must signoff on color samples and shop drawings. (Critical Milestone)
    a. If either are not approved, then approval process continues until signed approval
    b. If both are approved, then production process can continue
    • Once shop drawings are approved, the drawings become the documents of record for precast production and over-ride any other project drawings.

  11. Upon shop drawing approval, MMPI will request D&E to convert the shop drawings into field use drawings and MMPI shop tickets.
    • Field Use Drawings are drawings supplied to the Customer by MMPI to help the Customer locate each piece of precast and anchor and how to erect/place the precast on the job.
    • MMPI Shop Tickets are drawings that detail all precast pieces on a job to an individual part level to aid MMPI to build forms and to cast and inspect all production pieces

  12. MMPI and Customer will begin to work on production casting sequence and load deliveries.
    • MMPI can begin the production scheduling process any time after award but can’t promise or provide delivery dates until all color samples and shop drawings have been signed and received

  13. D&E completes and sends MMPI the field use and shop ticket drawings
    • The field use and shop ticket drawings process takes approximately 3 weeks based on current workload and project complexity.

  14. MMPI sends 5 sets of field use drawings to Customer.
    • Customer should use the field use drawing to help estimate the equipment needed and erection process.

  15. MMPI and Customer agree to production load and delivery sequence and schedule (Critical Milestone)
    • MMPI schedule jobs based on FIFO – “First In – First Out”. Since many jobs can and do overlap at once, production casting and deliveries can cause schedule conflicts. MMPI will work with Customers if this happens to occur

  16. MMPI releases the form builders based on first availability with other scheduled jobs.

  17. Forms are completed and coordinated with production manager for installation based on floor space availability

  18. Daily precast production is started based on production sequence and placed on the yard for curing.

  19. Using the agreed on dates, precast is finished, prepared for shipping and loaded on a trailer for customer delivery

  20. MMPI prepares an itemized shipping label that will be delivered to the jobsite.

  21. Customer unloads the MMPI trailer and signs the MMPI shipping label
  22. MMPI will invoice the same day as the customer jobsite deliver or pickup
    • Production casting and shipping process continues until all precast has been delivered

  23. After the job is complete, MMPI will follow-up with customer via letter or phone to ensure project order has been completed and welcomes feedback

Precast Production Flow Diagram

MMPI Production Flow - Click for Larger View
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